Sheatufim - The Israel Center for Civil Society works to strengthen the social vitality of the State of Israel by developing and advancing a civil society that is pluralistic, proactive, influential, professional and collaborative. Sheatufim was founded in 2006 by Zionism 2000, Sacta-Rashi Foundation and the United Jewish Communities (UJC).  Gandyr Foundation is a strategic investor in Sheatufim as well.

Sheatufim concentrates its efforts in areas that it considers most vital to civil society. Its goals and objectives were determined accordingly:

  • Help organizations to fulfill their missions by: professional training, knowledge development, mentoring center, self-assessment tools, information center, and development of missing professional tools.
  • Expansion of the circle of Israeli philanthropists and their introduction to knowledge and tools to enable effective social investments, as well as facilitation of dialog between philanthropists from Israel and the Diaspora to advance learning, shared agenda and cooperation.
  • Establishment of civil society identity, as well as development of a culture of partnerships that includes cross-sector dialogue and training.
  • Interface with government and media to advance favorable public policy, legislation, decision-making processes, image of third sector, and public opinion.

The following is a short (2 min) film about Sheatufim's vision and goals  

Sheatufim intends to achieve all of the above via partnerships and collaborations with other organizations that find added-value in their relationship with the Center, on the one hand, and can contribute to the growth of the Center and advancement of its goals, on the other hand.

Sheatufim's policy includes effective cooperation with leading organizations in the various sectors. To date, it has initiated and is involved in the following partnerships:

Mentoring Program - a partnership with Matan, MAALA, Zionism 2000, JDC-Elka, and School of Public Management.

Advocacy issues - a partnership with the Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector (third sector umbrella organization)

Cross-Sector Dialogue - to develop the cross-sector community program, a partnership with JDC-Elka, Zofnat Institute and Zionism 2000.

Dialogue with government with respect to reciprocal relationship between government and civil society - a civil committee addressing the Aridor Committee Report - Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector, Shatil, professors from various universities and opinion leaders.

Coalition to Reduce Digital Gaps in Israeli Society - Zionism 2000, Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, Prime Minister's Office, Jewish Agency, Atidim, Tapuach, Isef Foundation, Sacta-Rashi Foundation, JDC-Israel.

Sheatufim is currently pursuing additional partnerships for other programs.

Sheatufim's guiding philosophy is that every organization and sector have unique and important advantages; to tap these advantages to the maximum benefit of Israeli society, there should be a wise utilization of all available forces.

As such, the Center is in constant dialogue with leading organizations in Israel, as well as with the public and business sectors, in an effort to join efforts and capabilities, to lead to more advanced and efficient solutions.

At Sheatufim, we believe that collaborations, joining of efforts, convergence of resources, reciprocal learning, utilization of business knowledge and desire for excellence are the necessary building blocks for a strong, effective and influential civil society.


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