About us

Sheatufim specializes in managing complex processes in order to achieve social change.
we facilitate collaboration between the government, the corporate- philanthropic and the third sector.

מודעה -
מודעה -

Sheatufim fosters and enhances the social impact of third sector CEOs by implementing social management methodologies in select frameworks, and providing professional support

Sheatufim promotes broad-based and effective Israeli philanthropy, which affects social issues and assists the development of the culture of giving in Israel

Sheatufim facilitates and develops cross-sector roundtables that are initiated by the government and involve representatives from the corporate-philanthropic sector and civil society organizations

Collective Impact at Sheatufim works as a backbone organization that leads and manages collective impact initiatives, and as a platform for implementing collective impact methodologies
Info & Knowledge

Free public online access to resources, articles and tools to assist social organizations in their search for relevant materials quickly and effectively.  Available in Hebrew only.


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